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I am in a constant search for things to cut. I have collected over 100 books, found less than 30 things to cut. I have all of the issues of Scrollsaw Woodworking and crafts, and 90 issues of Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazines. Out of all those magazines I have probably found about 50 things that I have cut. The search takes more time than cutting.. I have a few Scrollsaw artists that I have cut many of their pattern. Charles Hand , Jacob Fowler, John A. NelsonDiana Thompson, Steve Good, and a friend who I lost contact with when I started Sylvia AKA Jr. Ranger. Watching many of the Facebook sites and seeing what others have cut leads me on the trail of what to try next. I sell at Strawberry Station a small store in the mountains near Lake Tahoe.  I concentrate on making things that sell and Gifts for me and my family to give away.

I have had my work published a few times.

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