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I am always looking for things to cut in my woodworking projects. Despite having a collection of over 100 books and numerous magazines, I have only found a few things to cut. I have looked through all the issues of Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts, as well as 90 issues of Creative Woodworks and Crafts, but have only found about 50 projects to work on. The search for new projects takes up more time than actually cutting them

I have cut patterns from several Scrollsaw artists. These include Charles Hand , Jacob Fowler, John A. NelsonDiana Thompson, Steve Good, and a friend who I lost contact with when I started Sylvia AKA Jr. Ranger.

After following several Facebook scrollsaw groups and observing the projects others have created, I am inspired to explore new cutting ideas.

I sell at small store called Strawberry Station located in the mountains near Lake Tahoe. My top-selling items are the puzzles that I create and enjoy making.

My focus is on creating items for sale and gifts for myself and my family to give.


I have had my work published a few times.

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