Work In Progress

Some things I am working on..

They will look much better after a couple of baths in natural danish oil and a couple of coats of Deft Semi gloss lacquer spray.


Black Bear with Cubs

Black Walnut 7.9×11.776

6 1/2 hours cutting time.

10 #63 ,97 #60 drilled holes

Cut with #1 and #3 Pegas Modified Geometry Blade.

Would enlarge if I cut again.. very difficult around the faces..

resizing sometimes makes it harder to follow the flow that the artist had in mind when they designed the pattern. (this is another one that the original size would help.)

Bigger version of picture 


Mountain lion on the prowl

10.656×10.631 Cherry

5 1/4 hours cutting time.

21 #63 #1 blade

60 #60 drilled holes #3 blade

Cut with #1 and #3 Pegas Modified Geometry Blade.

I am happy with the size on this one.

Bigger Version

Delicate Doe

7.53 x 10.5 Cherry

2 3/4hours cutting time.

53 #56 Drill bit holes

Cut  #3 Pegas Modified Geometry Blade.  And #5 for the long staring cuts

This would be a good one for a beginner..   


Black-Tailed Deer

8.5 x 8,25 Cherry

2 hours 15 minutes

50 #60 Drill bit holes #3 blade

3 #56 bit #5  blade

Cut  #3 Pegas Modified Geometry Blade.  And #5 for the long staring cuts

looks about the right size.


Nice thin red lines that are about as thick as the blades.

I was asked several years ago if I cut on the left or the right of lines.. I said that I cut on the line.. can you imagine  what thick lines do when you try to follow then with a thin blade.. even more follow a black line with a dark blade.

Thanks for taking a look.


150 #56..#3

60 #60 #1 blade

5 #65 #1 blade

The osprey catch



8 hours


bald eagle 3 hours




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